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Gulfport Resident Fed Up With Mounting Trash

Mounting trash along a Gulfport street has residents fed up. Homeowners on Mock Street say it's been several weeks since Allied Waste trucks picked up their garbage. They say all the trouble started around the same time as a construction project on their street.

"Our garbage has not been picked up in a month," said Tammy Rae.

Rae says a month's worth of garbage stacked up in her garbage bin makes taking out the trash an even more unpleasant chore.

"Miserable," Rae said. "Because we can't put it anywhere. We have nowhere to put our trash because our trash cans ain't empty."

Out in front of most of the houses along Mock Street, it's the same trashy story. Garbage overflowing, and residents frustrated because despite their complaints to Allied Waste, the trash still hasn't been picked up.

Officials at Allied Waste say they want to pick up the trash on Mock Street, but can't because of on going road and sewer project. They say the garbage trucks are simply too heavy to pass through. In fact, last week a truck got stuck and it took $700 in towing fees to get it out. Still, Mock Street residents feel there must be room for compromise.

"For them to put a dumpster at the end of the street. So us that don't have pickup trucks and that can't haul this [the bins] to the end of the street, can take our trash in our cars and put them in a dumpster," said Rae. "And refund us. We shouldn't have to pay for garbage that ain't picked up."

A Gulfport city spokesperson says crews are replacing sewer lines on part of Mock Street in a project that should be complete by the end of the year. She says Allied Waste has not notified the city about problems accessing the road. She adds that Gulfport is willing talk with the company to try to work something out to where the trash can be collected again.  

by Danielle Thomas

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