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Hundreds Turnout To Sample Chefs Of The Coast

Hundreds of people delighted their pallates at Sunday night's Chefs of the Coast event. The event was cancelled last year because of Katrina, and this year's event was on a smaller scale.

"This year, we're having to do it in the main arena," says Scott Weinberg, President of the Gulf Coast chapter of the Mississippi Restaurant Association. "We usually do it in the convention center, so that limited the number of people we can have."

But there was plenty of food and wine to go around at this year's festival.

"It's a celebration of food and wine. We get together every year and let all the restaurants bring in their food and wares and wine companies bring in wine samples to for the public to sample," Weinberg says.

There were 42 entries from more than 30 coast restaurants in the 'Food as Art' competition. Judges were on hand to evaluate the restaurants' signature dishes.

There was also a silent auction. Proceeds from the event benefit the Gulf Coast Restaurant Association.

"The event is important to the coast because it allows our restaurants to get back, show their wares, and what they can do, and there are some restaurants that have put a lot of effort in this, and we're glad to have them," Weinberg says.

By Toni Miles 

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