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Big Turnout At This Year's St. Thomas Fall Festival

The sweet smell of treats and laughter once again filled the air at the site where St. Thomas Elementary once stood. After a one year hiatus, the festival returned to the school grounds, but this year it was on the school's slab because of Katrina.

"Right after the hurricane, it was kind of depressing, but now it's a lot better, and I'm glad we could have this fun time here, and I'm glad we could have it back," says young St. Thomas parishoner, Tori Wilson.

Tori Wilson and her friend Kaytlin Dorris have been to the festival before, and although there were no carnival rides at this year's event, the two found plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained.

Organizers say putting on this year's festival was a bit of a challenge.

"We had to get the Seabees water tank to get water, and we finally got electricity with some of our parishoners coming back and doing this, and just cleaning the land to do it," says festival co-chair, Bruce Carver.

Proceeds from this annual event will go to help rebuild St. Thomas Catholic Church at its beachfront site and to build a new Catholic elementary school set to open in January of 2008. 

"It all goes toward worthwhile causes, every penny that's raised. This year the objective was just to get the people back home, to get them here, so they can feel like they're back at St. Thomas, and it's so far been extremely successful," says co-chair Bruce Anthony.

By Toni Miles 

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