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PFOA Petitioners Oppose FirstChem Project

"We're trying to get the city council to do an amendment to prohibit the PFOA from entering our city owned sewer lines," organizer Paula Tolleson says.   

Tolleson spent her Saturday on Pascagoula's East side, informing neighbors about PFOA. Earlier this month, First Chemical began chemically destroying the acid at its Pascagoula Plant.   

"If he can make it to this meeting, it would be wonderful. This chemical is going to be passing through this facility. So if we have a hurricane, it's going to be coming right through here again," Tolleson tells a resident.        

Each year, two pounds that are not destroyed, will go through the city's sewer system and into the Pascagoula river, a fact that's causing concern for Tolleson, and others. But it's not just the water, but the food supply that has her worried as well.   

"There's fish that feed off of the water. Mullet fish. Fish is contaminated with PFOA. And now the person's contaminated," Tolleson says.                                      

DuPont officials have held two public meetings this month, to address people's concerns. They say while PFOA has not been proven to have any known negative health effects on humans. Officials stress a recent study by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality backs them up. But Tolleson says until human testing is done, she's still not convinced.   

"The jury's still out. And DuPont is still correct at this moment. But what are they going to say when the studies come out and it is found to be a carcinogen?"   

The MDEQ meeting will take place Thursday the 26th at 7 p.m. at the Jackson County Civic Center. MDEQ is expected to make a public presentation, explaining the results of their recent study on PFOA.

By Keli Rabon

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