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Alleged Deadbeat Dad Arrested In Long Beach

An alleged deadbeat dad is behind bars in Hinds County after avoiding child support payments for 17 years.

Michael Dunn, 50, was able to hide for years. But investigators finally caught up with him Thursday in Long Beach. Now he could face up to five years in prison, owing more than $36,000 in child support.

The arrest is thanks to one persistent single mom who refused to stop searching for the deadbeat father of her daughter.

"It's child abuse. Pure and simple. It's child abuse," mom Lisa Bolton said.

We first met Bolton three years ago. At that time, she had been trying to track down Dunn for 15 years. The family knew he was living in Long Beach, and the attorney general's office picked up the case.

A photo, snapped by Jillian, helped lead investigators to him.

A grand jury indicted Dunn in August.

"It's a relief. It's kind of a shock though that they have him. I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with all of it though."

Bolton doesn't expect to see a single penny of the money Dunn owes. But she hopes the arrest sheds light on the need for more resources for single parents, and the Department of Human Services, which enforces child support payments.

"DHS doesn't have the tools it needs to do the job," Bolton said.

Despite the lack of support from her father, Bolton says the experience has made her daughter Jillian the determined, driven young lady she is today. The 20-year-old works full time and is studying to become a child psychologist.

Dunn is jailed in Raymond awaiting his first appearance in Circuit Court Monday. Bolton worries if he's offered bond, he'll flee once again.

by Wendy Suares

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