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Landfill Could Expand

Waste Management Inc. is discussing plans to expand its landfill near Millard in Pearl River County. WMI district manager Larry Hubbard said garbage coming into the facility has dropped from 1,000 tons daily to around 500 tons. He said the landfill needs more business. Hubbard said Waste Management plans to ask the state to allow it to add another 29 acres of landfill space and expand the service area to within a 100-mile radius, excluding New Orleans household waste.

``It's a two- or three-year process,'' Hubbard said. ``We're strictly in the planning process.'' When Waste Management got its permit in 1996, it agreed to a citizen's advisory committee, which monitors the landfill's operations and advises the board of supervisors. Citizen's Advisory Committee Chairman Randy Holland said the decrease in waste at the facility is due to its ``unusually small service area.'' Waste Management's agreement with MAD resulted in a service area consisting of only those counties and parishes contiguous to Pearl River County. Its contract with the county allows Waste Management to ask DEQ to amend its permit.

Supervisor Robert Thigpen, president of the board of supervisors, said the interests of the county's citizens would be the only factor in considering the expansion. Hubbard said expanding the actual acreage would serve to make the landfill more efficient. Adding 29 acres would double the capacity of the facility. Waste Management currently gives the facility a 10-year lifespan. Holland said if there is an expansion, the citizens' advisory group would hope for a guaranteed 20- to 25-year lifespan.

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