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Thirty Gautier Families Seek New Homes

Youngsters played like they didn't have a care in the world Tuesday evening at Anchor Trailer Park in Gautier. But it's a different story for their parents. They just learned they have until the end of December to find another place to live.

"We're all being evicted here soon. I don't know where my family is going to go. I don't have the funds to move, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Year's is coming up. And my daughter's already written her Christmas list. It's kind of rough," said Tammy Beeles, an Anchor Trailer Park Resident.

Residents received the notices earlier this month after the property was sold to a new owner who wants to build a townhome development. Many of the people who live at the park are Hispanic.

Vicky Cintra is the organizer of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance.

"These residents brought these homes and they invested money into purchasing them. And not only that, but a lot of these trailers are older than 1990, and then they find out that there's a city ordinance in the city of Gautier that will not let them move any trailer that's older than 1990," Cintra said.

Dozens of the trailer park's residents attended Gautier's Tuesday night council meeting to voice their concerns and plead for help.

"Will you help us? Did you plan for this when you gave your permission? Now we're really scared," said Erick Ruiz.

City Manager Christy Wheeler said the city is limited in what it can do as far as privately owned property goes. But she encouraged residents to meet with her after the meeting.

"We will work with you to try to find solutions to these problems," Wheeler said.

About 30 families live in the trailer park.

By Toni Miles

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