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New D'Iberville Homes To Be Finished This Week

Thanks to the dedication of dozens of out-of-state volunteers, several families in D'Iberville are getting new homes. A Habitat for Humanity affiliate out of Virginia Beach donated three houses and all the manpower needed to build them.

The Schneider Family is grateful to receive one of the homes.  It still feels like a dream to them. Every morning they wake up in their FEMA trailer and hear the sounds of progress outside.

"Just come out here and watch them, and watch them work so hard," Mary Schneider said.

The volunteers arrived just days ago, but have been hammering, bracing, and nailing ever since. Their mission: to finish the Schneider's house and two others by Friday.

Ronnie Lehman owns a construction company in Virginia. After seeing the devastation caused by Katrina, he volunteered to lead this group.

"Sometimes it's kind of tough, because you have to see these FEMA trailers, what they're having to live in. It would be tough for any family to have to live in that long term. And we're trying to get this house done as quick as we can, so they can get in it," Lehman said.

That's something the Schneider Family is very eager to do. 

"Oh, my husband's already planning on decorating it for Christmas, all the Christmas lights. Just getting comfortable, getting outside of each other's faces and being able to take a real bath," Schneider said.

Once these volunteers finish the outside, a new group will step in to finish the interior. 

"It's a collective effort, there's not just one person out here doing it, it's the whole group," Lehman said. 

"They come here, their own time, their own money, and know they have lives left back there, and are still doing this for us, I just can't imagine," Schneider said.

And for that, the Schneiders will be eternally grateful. 

Another Habitat group is working in D'Iberville this week. Volunteers from Avon, Indiana, will begin construction on two more homes Wednesday. All five homes were gifts to the D'Iberville residents who applied for them.

by Meggan Gray

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