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Murdered Woman's Family Says Suspect Already Getting Special Treatment

Family members of a murdered Gautier woman say they already see signs of special treatment for the man accused of killing her.

Three of Angelia McClendon's cousin's told WLOX News they were shocked when Randy McClendon was granted bond after a court hearing Monday.

McClendon is the retired warden at the Jackson County Jail. He's charged with shooting his wife to death Friday in their Gautier home. 

Angelia's relatives say if what they saw in court Monday is any indication, the scales of justice are already tipped in Randy McClendon's favor.

"He came in a nice fresh haircut, freshly groomed, great outfit, dressed to the hilt, casually speaking. We expected him to be in a jail suit. He did not have handcuffs on, he didn't have shackles on. He committed murder. He took a life. He took a life and he walks in and is treated with more respect than everyone else in the room," one family member said.

"If this trial takes place here, she will not get the justice she deserves. It needs to be moved out of this county or she will not get justice. He will go free. He's already free. Who gets to commit murder and travel out of state? He gets to go to Arkansas."

Bond for Randy McClendon was set at $100,000. Angelia McClendon's family held a funeral service for her Tuesday. 

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