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There's A New Plan to Remove Drugs Off The Streets of Moss Point


"The bulk of my complaints coming into my office is always narcotic related and majority, well most of the crimes we hear are narcotic related whether it stems from burglaries or shooting," says Cheif Demetrius Drakeford .

  Police Chief Demitrius Drakeford has a new plan to target the areas of the city with the biggest drug problems.  

The Counter Drug Operation will focus on the drug sellers and  users, anyone bringing any drug into the neighborhoods.

"October 5th detail we arrested approximately 13 individuals, seven or eight of those  being drug related crimes."

"On October 13th detail we arrested 9 individuals, and some of our violators were major distributors of Marijuana, and we have evidence to prove that."

 Drakeford says he's happy to have more officers on the streets. 

By hiring three new jailers, it's freed up officers for patrols, and he's concentrating on the places drug dealers and users frequent.

"My message to the drug dealers and the people out there committing the crime is if you are out there doing it, and you know it is wrong you need to stop, now is your warning, this is a zero tolerance operation."  

By Patrice Clark

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