Salvation Army Looking For Those In The Christmas Spirit

September 11th, and the problems the attacks caused for our economy, are already causing concerns for agencies that try to help the needy at Christmas time.

"This year, more than any other, there are more people in need," Salvation Army Coordinator Darrell Kingsbury said. "The need is greater, costs are going up for everybody including those who are limited in their financial income, so more than any other year, we have a greater need."

Kingsbury says because donations have been going to attack victims in New York, there is less money for the Salvation Army to help people on the coast. He wants to get the word out that because of layoffs, there are more people on the Coast who need help this year.

The Salvation Army is looking for monetary donations as well as donations of time to help raise money to give needy families a merry Christmas.

"Instead of having to go out and hire people and pay people to staff these kettles, volunteers can stand there and they can get back more than they are giving of their time," Jean Wiesenburg said. "It's absolutely crucial this year."

If you're interested in volunteering with the Salvation Army's kettle drive, give them a call at 868-1188.