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Jackson County Welcomes Back Fair For 85th Year

"Alright guys, here we go!" a game worker says.   

It's a tough decision for eight year old Nicholas Foster to choose his prize. But it was a no-brainer for the Foster Family pack up and experience Opening Day of the Jackson County fair.   

"Getting to spend time with your family. You're not getting to spend that much time with them during the week because it's either school or work or something like that. It's a time to bond," Pascagoula citizen Matthew Foster says.   

Hurricane Katrina kept rides like the Gee Whiz from lighting up the Jackson County sky last year. But this year, thrill seekers and spectators alike can be sure, there's something for everybody.   

"They should have the livestock events going on, the rides, good food. We're gonna party all week long out here," Alabama visitor Jody Alexander says. 

With rides like the Tornado and plenty of activities to go around, you might think the fair is just about fun and games. But as Alexander told me, it's actually a way for people to get away from the stresses of day to day life.        

"It's a lot of folks still have a lot of destruction left. It's a good way to come out and cope with it and relieve a lot of stress," Alexander says.   

If relaxation means screaming and flying high, then Alexander and his daughter Skylar are in the right spot.  This year's fair boasts a dozen thrill rides, plus many for junior thrill seekers.   

"We've rode the spider, the gee whiz. We've done rode the sizzler. She enjoyed the spider one, for me, they all fun," Alexander says.   

And as the Alexander family looks to all the rides to choose, and not a line in sight, there's plenty of time for more fun. They'll enjoy it while it lasts.   

The week long ticket to fun will run through next Sunday with free admission. Rides crank up at 2 p.m. everyday, and families can look forward to reduced price rides on Tuesday and Friday night.

By Keli Rabon

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