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The Sacred Heart Church Bazaar Returns

It's a sweet return for the Sacred Heart Parish Bazaar. The nearly one thousand member Sacred Heart congregation is joined by thousands of others in the D'Iberville community in a celebration of all the annual parish bazaar has to offer.  

"It's been wonderful," says Father Bob Higginbotham. "We've really been fortunate. God has blessed us with good weather. We've have fantastic crowds."

It's been a long road back for a church grounds that was inundated by Katrina's deadly tidal surge.  

"This area right here was underwater," says Father Higginbotham. "You'd be underwater right here where we're standing."  

Last year was only the 2nd time in the Bazaars 80 year history that it had to be canceled. The first time was following Camille, but both times the Bazaars return played a big part in the triumphant return of the church and it's people.  

"It's been a great boost for our community," says Higginbotham. "I mean our people have come together to put this on and that's been a rebuilding for our community. And for the wider community to gather here and have this time to see people and meet people and re-establish ties within the community."  

The 50 to 60 thousand dollars they hope to raise will help with the rebuilding expenses. But with the school set to reopen in a month, and the sanctuary to be completely remodeled soon after that, the people of Sacred Heart feel they finally have a lot to smile about.

by Don Culpepper

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