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A Marine Recruit Field Meet Held In Waveland

It's not boot camp. It's not exactly a day at the beach either. But it's something these young people have to get used to.      

"These are future Marines," says Gulfport Recruiter Master Sergeant Shane Nixon. "They have made the commitment. They have taken a physical. They have enlisted into the United States Marines and some of them will leave for boot camp as early as Monday and some of them are still Seniors in High School and will be shipping to boot camp June and July of next year."

This field meet requires a minimum number of pull ups, runs, and crunches.  

"I'm nervous," says Chris Page of Hammon Louisiana. "I'll do my best."  

"This ain't no where near what they're going to face in boot camp," says Nixon. "But what we do on our end once we actually recruit somebody, is we do everything can to prepare them."

These young recruits represent 4 recruiting stations from South Mississippi to Louisiana. And they represent something else.  

"If I want to be something, I want to be the best of the best," says Kimberly Pikes of Amite, Louisiana. 

Former Marines also play a part in encouraging and preparing them for what lies ahead. And they say it's important not to sugar coat what being a marine means.  

"We've got more than one opportunity right now for fighting in the world," says Retired Marine Harry Sharpe of Bay St. Louis. "We've got several so yes sir, just tell them give it what they've got, and the rest will take care of itself."

A challenge these young recruits are eager to meet head on.  

"Of course," says Kimberly Pikes. "It's all about being a Marine. Best of the best. Right?"  

by Don Culpepper

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