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Florida Contractor Extradited To Mississippi To Face Embezzlement Charge

Michael Smith and Mark Nordrum were in Mobile when Katrina flooded their Jackson County home with 9 feet of water. 

"When we were able to get back, we were gutting the house, but I had had a heart attack while all of this was happening with quadruple bypass surgery," Smith says. "That's when Dusty appeared and said we can take care of that for you as well as rebuild. We can do it all for you. Well, it was a blessing to find someone who could do it all when there were so few contractors available."

Smith says that blessing soon turned out to be a nightmare.

"It's not unusual for the contractor to ask for a third of the money up front. So we paid him $45,000, which was a third of our insurance money. And of course, after he got the money, he was history," Smith says.

Smith and Nordrum pressed charges against Don Gene "Dusty" Clemmons in March.

"We never dreamed he'd ever be brought to justice. We just didn't think he would ever be found or caught," Smith says.

On Wednesday, Clemmons was extradited to Mississippi and charged with embezzelment. 

"The important thing is that he not be given the opportunity to do this to someone else,"
Smith says.

"It's a matter of forgiveness," says Mark Nordrum. "You don't forget. You don't condone the actions of people who do these kind of things to people who have absolutely nothing."

Meanwhile, a local contractor who is also a minister is working on restoring their Porteaux Bay home. Smith and Nordrum hope to be back in the house by Christmas and hope others will benefit from the lesson they say they've learned the hard way.

"If someone comes to your door, and they knock on your door and say I can do this, and that, and the other thing, don't do that," Nordrum says.

Don Gene "Dusty" Clemmons is in jail on a $50,000 bond.

By Toni Miles

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