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Former Major With The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is Charged with Murder

"I laid in bed last night thinking somebody got shot ya know, something happened, someone was killed across the street," says Neighbor Spencer Dykes.

For two years Spencer Dykes has lived on Cockleshell Lane along with Neighbors Randy and Angelia McClendon. During that time he says the McClendons always appeared to be a loving and friendly couple.

"Matter of fact when we moved into the house they brought us a gift basket and welcomed us to the neighborhood," says Dykes.

'"Very nice couple, I never saw any problems no arguing or anything."

So when Dykes arrived home Thursday night and saw Neighbor Randy McClendon leaving from his home in handcuffs, he says he was speechless.

"I got home about a quarter to eight, around the corner I see an ambulance pulling off and they're squad cars and police cars and crime scene tape everywhere."

According to Gautier Police McClendon shot his wife Angelia on Cockleshell Lane around 7:30 Thursday night, a shooting that neighbor Marion Banks says seems unreal especially in this quite community.

"You hear about things like this all the time, but you never expect it to happen so close to home." 

 Major McClendon recently retired from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department back in June, he was in charge of the Adult Detention Center in Pascagoula.  Now less than five months after his retirement, McClendon is no longer in charge; instead, he is behind bars.

"I feel sad my heart goes out to the family and victims family to because I imagine it will be hard in the next few days and months," says Banks.

As for McClendon, he will sit in jail on murder charges as he waits for his initial court appearance on Monday.

By Partice Clark

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