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Raising Cane's Restaurant Makes Donation To Hurricane Relief Fund

His original business plan for a quality chicken fingers only restaurant started out as college homework assignment.  

"The professor said it would never work," says Raising Cane's founder Todd Graves. "It actually got the worst grade in the class."

His original name wasn't much better.  

"When I came back from Alaska, I wanted to name it Sockeyes chicken fingers after the Sockeye salmon that I caught," says Graves. "Luckily a friend told me it was terrible."

It was only by naming it after his dog Raising Cane, that Todd Graves bad idea with the bad name became a great success story.  

"I'm living my dream, and this has been a journey for me. And it's been such an adventure."

But if this is his dream, then Katrina was a nightmare.  

"We had 22 stores go down from the storm."

That's why he's giving back to the region that's made his dream a reality.    

"We have 4 locations in Mississippi, and so we got involved with the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund. And we decided that we could have one day sales in Mississippi stores and take the proceeds to go to the Mississippi Recovery Fund."

But this 38 hundred dollar donation says recovery fund President William Richardson represents only a fraction of the contribution Raising Cane's has made.  

"It takes the stores," says Richardson. "It's takes the people having jobs. I think Cane had figured it out from the early day on how to recover and survive."

Graves says their earliest and most important contribution was being the first restaurant to reopen in Gulfport."  

"I think that was what we could do for the community because you could see our crew exhausted," says Graves. "You could see our customers exhausted but we were open and got business back going again."

And this latest contribution is far from their last.  

"I take a great deal of pride in being a part of the rebuilding efforts."

by Don Culpepper

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