Coast Students Enjoy Pow Wow

Virginia Romano and her son Dan belong to the Mohegan Tribe. Friday, they shared their Native American heritage with Kindergartners at St. James Elementary in Gulfport. Dan Romano says he wants to educate the children about the American Indian way and what the tribe is all about. He also wants to clear up any misconceptions they may have about Native Americans.

Romano fielded tough questions from the children and taught them to respect their elders and take better care of the earth. Native American history and culture are lessons fifth graders at the school have been learning all week.

Kathryn Winter says the music, exhibit and costumes are really great. She really appreciates the Native American lifestyle now. She also learned that Native Americans are peaceful people who respect the environment.

First Graders at Pass Christian Elementary also experienced life as a Native American. They held a pow wow.  Shae Galiano explains that a pow wow is when they dress up and have a big party. Teacher Doris Hill says the students have made all sorts of Indian dresses and headdresses and pottery and baskets. They wanted to share the celebration with their classmates.

The youngsters listened to Indian tales, passed around a peace pipe and played games. The best part was tasting Native American dishes, like beef jerky. Kanez Harwell says he likes it, because it tastes like meat with ketchup. Many parents also participated in some of the Native American events, and afterwards, they enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast.