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Minnesota Volunteers Lend Their Helping Hands To Rebuild Homes In Moss Point.


"When I was young our house was destroyed by a tornado. We had strangers that came and helped us clean, so I figured I can do the same here," says Minnesota Volunteeter Renee Johnson.

So Renee Johnson and a group of her Minnesota neighbors packed their bags and headed to the south to help life Cynthia Bass pick up the pieces of her Moss Point home.

 "Ms. Katrina happened to my home, tt was totally damage baby girl no floors, no walls, no roof,I feel out crying,"says Moss Point Resident  Cynthia Bass

Now Bass is now wiping away those tears thanks to this dedicated team of strangers, who are working to turn this gutted place into "home sweet home again."

"We have been ripping out flooring in here, and we are going to put a whole new floor in this house," says Johnson.

"It just overwhelming, I just cannot describe it," says Bass. 

While this group says they can't fix the housing needs of every storm victim in Jackson County. volunteers like Paul Rebelein are determined to knock out the storm's destruction for good.

" There is lots and lots of work to do here, it's huge and overwhelming, but maybe we made a difference to somebody," says Paul Rebelein.

"These people need the help down here, they can't do it by themselves, it way to much," says Johnson.

 "I consider us a drop in a great big bucket."

Although this home is not nearly completed, Mrs. Bass says this Minnesota group has given her hope that she will soon leave her FEMA trailer behind.

" Shout from the highest roof top honey, they are going to here me hollering all the way to Biloxi," says Bass.

Besides helping rebuild homes in Jackson County,. the Minnesota Volunteers are donating a huge 18 wheeler full of supplies and food to coast residents.

The truck is scheduled to arrive on Thursday morning.

By Patrice Clark

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