Gulfport Police Still Searching For Double Murder Suspect

Officers Vicki Byrd and Roy Culpepper walked through North Gulfport and handed out 500 blue fliers. Byrd explained the flyer to one residents by saying, "It's referenced to the murders that occurred last month."

Ronald Brock and Brenda Mason died in the Oct. 31st murders. According to Gulfport's assistant police chief Steve Barnes, "We developed some pretty good leads. And we need to gain further information to try and corroborate some of the information that we're getting."

The fliers have pictures of the two victims. Police hope that seeing the victims on paper will jog a few memories.

Here's what Gulfport police know about the double murders. Mr. Brock and Ms. Mason were shot and then burned in a home at the corner of Texas Avenue and Harrison Street. Detectives aren't sure what the motive was. They don't believe it was robbery. Because of the leads they've followed so far, investigators said they do have an idea who committed the crime. But they need more evidence. That's why police passed out the fliers.

"We've had leads from day one that we've been pursuing," Barnes said. "Right now, we're just seeking some assistance from the community out there that they may have additional information that will help us to resolve this case."

Gulfport police believe the person who killed the two people on these fliers had some sort of relationship with them prior to the murders.

If you have information about the double murder, call Gulfport police at 868-5959.

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