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Former Gautier High Student Recovering From War Wounds

Bradly Davis's grandfather, Jason Noble, says his grandson thought it was his duty to serve his country.  So in January of 04, he joined the army and was shipped out to Iraq in January of this year. In a town 45 miles west of Bagdad, he and other members of his unit were attacked when they stopped to repair their armored vehicle. Davis was hit in the shoulders, chest, stomach and hips. He underwent four surgeries and is now hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington.

"They had to perform one more surgery on his intestines and he's out of surgical ICU, now he's in ICU. He's still critical but improving and we're very lucky, oh God, we're lucky," says Noble.

Bradly's grandmother, Margaret Noble, says her grandson has a strong faith. "He is a Christian boy and he told me on the phone, I talked to him after he was in the hospital in Germany, they'd one some surgeries on him. He said that he had prayed to God just to do His will. He was puttin' his life in his hands whether he saw fit for him to get better or otherwise."

Bradly's mother still lives in Gautier. She is with her son while he recovers in Washington. The young soldier went to Gautier High School for two years before graduating from a Slidell high school.

Marcia Hill   

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