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Biloxi Wants Grant Money Up For Grabs

Part of the $300 million the state is doling out in grant money includes $45 million to boost downtown revitilization. Mayor A.J. Holloway would spend Biloxi's share in the Vieux Marche. He favors two lanes of traffic instead of one way traffic that passes through now. "If we can't go two lanes then widen it up a little bit more. Get some more green space instead of all the concrete and bricks and so forth and just do a new facelift to this Vieux Marche area. See if we can brighten it up along with the intersections of Lameuse Street and Reynoir."

Long time bookstore owner Mike Hutter agrees a facelift would do wonders for the downtown plaza. But he doesn't share the mayor's idea of more traffic. Instead, Hutter wants to see more people. "I don't see it necessarily a benefit to make this a two way traffic. What you'll get is more cars going from place to place and what you want is more people walking around within the area," Hutter says.

Whatever happens depends on how much money the city gets and the mayor says it's very competitive. With so much as stake Mayor Holloway says he's headed to Jackson with a plan in hand. "I don't wanna go up there empty handed and say we want ten million dollars and tell ya what we'll do with it later. That's not gonna work, so we've got some engineers workin' on this right now to see what they can come up with and what we can bring up to Jackson in the plan," Holloway says.

Marcia Hill 

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