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Residents Have Differing Views On God's Katrina Kitchen

God's Katrina Kitchen is in the process of moving from Pass Christian to West Gulfport.

The move began shortly after the City Council gave its approval for the new Gulfport site last week, clearing the way for volunteers to carry out their relief work along Camp Avenue for at least the next two months.

Some Georgia volunteers spent Sunday clearing the way for some bunk houses tht will be part of the new site for God's Katrina Kitchen in Gulfport.

As that work was being done, volunteer Vicki Weesner collected signatures from people who support the new site on Camp Avenue.

"I don't mind it being here, okay, and it's in my backyard," said John Mann.

Mann lives across the street from the new site, but says he visited God's Katrina Kitchen in Pass Christian after Katrina battered his home and belongings.

"I've gone in there to eat many times over this past year, in the last year, in the fall, and I always left peaceful like, you know, inside," he said.

But nearby resident Lark Mason has a different view on the new site.

"Our concerns are public safety, the lack of infrastucture in our neighborhood, and the poor condition of our roads," she said. "The issue is very much for us--God's Katrina Kitchen bringing in 160 volunteers who are unknowns. This is a neighborhood that has been devestated by looting."

Mason says she has contacted city leaders with her concerns, but has yet to get any feedback, so she and some others in the area are hiring an attorney for counsel on the matter.

"The issue is not that Gulfport doesn't need or want what God's Katrina Kitchen may have to offer, the issue is the location," Mason said.

God's Katrina Kitchen leaders say they expect to be up and running at their new location within the next two week.

By Toni Miles



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