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Cruisin' In Full Throttle This Weekend

Mobile resident Roger Casey was one of thousands of vintage car owners in town for Cruisin' this weekend.

"I come every year. We missed last year because of the storm," he said.

But he didn't spend all his time on the road in his 1974 Plymouth Barracuda.

He parked at a Biloxi intersection for a spell to admire other Cruisin' cars.

He even made a few friends along the way.

"We're just all sitting here talking, and this guy just pulled up. I don't know him. He's from Kenner, Louisiana," Casey said. "All the Mopar people are separate from the Chevrolet people, and we all kind of stick together and talk about parts and where you can find parts."

On occasion, Casey's conversations were interrupted by squealing tires.

"It's great. It's a feeling that a car lover is the only kind of guy that can appreciate that I guess. People that love cars can listen to something like what just by and just get chill bumps," he said.

The crowd stood in awe as Gulfport Resident David Branch got behind the wheel. 

"Just out showing out," he said. "My wife at first gets tired of me tearing my car up, but after an hour or so, she's encouraging me to do burn outs for everybody."

Branch says he's glad Cruisers are revvin' up again this year, especially after being knocked out of commission by Katrina last year.

By Toni Miles

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