Shelter Dog Chosen As Benji Finalist

A dog adopted from the animal shelter in Gulport may have a future in Hollywood.

The creator of "Benji" chose a dog from the Humane Society of South Mississippi to be a finalist for an upcoming movie role.

Joe Camp has visited animal shelters across the country in his search for the next "Benji." The dog discovered in Gulfport is now one of three finalists for the starring role. Although looks are important, Camp says the winning dog must also have certain qualities.

"He's smart. I've already checked that out when I was here a little over a month ago. And the personality has to be very independent. The dog has to be very confident in himself and be able to drop into any situation and handle it," Camp said.

The Gulfport dog will join the other finalists in a month long "Benji boot camp." Camp will then make his selection.

The chosen dog will star in next year's movie, "Benji returns: The Promise of Christmas."