Harry Potter Attracts Young Readers

He comes from a realm of wizards and magic. It's a world of hufflepuffs, wormtails and dragons.

You might be scratching your head, but thousands of youngsters know who we're taking about. His name is Harry Potter and he's the main character in a series of very successful children's books.

We visited Beauvoir Elementary school to get the lowdown on this popular star of four books and a major motion picture. Ten youngsters gathered in the school library can easily list the titles of the four Harry Potter books. They're read them all.

One sixth grade girl explained the attraction this way.

"Once you read the first two chapters you think it's boring. Then you get to the third or fourth chapter, it's like really interesting and you want to read the rest because you don't know what's going to happen and you want to know what's going to happen."

Harry Potter's world fuels a child's imagination. The books introduce a fantasy land of sorcerers and magic spells. The kids are well aware that it's all make believe.  But they say it's a great book.

Harry Potter isn't just for kids. The school librarian has read the series and has an idea why they're so attractive to youngsters.

"As young children they always read fairy tales and Cinderella and Snow White and that's all magical to them. Well, as they get older, they need books like that also. And I think that's why they enjoy them a lot," Courtney Henderson said.

Then again, the unique language could be the lure.

"Harry became a parcel tongue. That's a wizard that can talk, a wizard or witch that can talk to snakes," one fifth grader said.

His friend added, "It's  just fun. It's adventurous. And you never know what's going to happen."

The fun and adventures of Harry Potter seem certain to keep the kids turning plenty of pages.