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Cruisers Comment On Condo Craze

Classic cars somehow seem out of place amid the soaring structures of steel and concrete. High rise condo projects are changing the skyline along Highway 90 in Biloxi.

And not everyone welcomes the new vista.

"I'd like to see it back how it was, without all the tall buildings, 'cause it blocks the view. Kind of restore it back the way it used to be. I liked the old houses and just seeing it that way," said Kelly Howard, a teenager visiting from Richton, Mississippi.

Howard and her dad watched the classic car parade in Biloxi. They could also see construction underway on a high rise condominium tower not far from their '57 Chevy Truck.

"I'm kind of with her. I don't like them too much. But, I guess you have to kind of go with the change of times. But I liked the coast the way it was before," said Kelly's dad, Glen Howard.

We found plenty of visiting cruisers who share that same affection and appreciation for the past. Like their love of the old cars, it seems many prefer their Biloxi "the way it used to be," before the concrete towers began rising along the waterfront.

"I hate to see it. I love the old homes when I come along here. I love the old homes with all the old trees. I hope it doesn't become like Florida or the other touristy areas," said Carl Evans from Purvis.

The Burdick's brought their '68 Pontiac down from Atlanta. They too are big fans of the classic cars. And they prefer a more classic coast, without the condo towers.

"I think it's taking away from the area. I think it's getting too commercialized. I think it needs to go back to the homes and just the smaller mom and pop operations," said Henrietta Burdick.

"You're getting too commercial. You don't want to get too commercial. This was good down here," her husband added.

Many would argue it's still good, there's just a different view emerging.

This week the Biloxi City Council approved plans for two new condo projects: South Beach and Seaside Residences. South Beach will be located on both sides of Highway 90 near the old Sonic Drive-In. Seaside will be built where the old Slippery Sam's water slide was located.

By Steve Phillips

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