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Saucier Citizens Fighting Industrial Park

The northeast corner of the land that could be developed runs alongside Old Highway 49.  

"About 84 percent of the bounding areas of this property are residential, light density residential or family farms with residential on them," says Mike Edwards.

That's why Edwards and his neighbors say a sprawling industrial park doesn't fit in.

"This is basically in the park or right at the end of the park if you will."

It's an area where many of families have lived for generations.  It's very peaceful with only the sounds of nature breaking the silence.

Mike Parker and his dad share a hundred acres. Part of them sit right next to the proposed industrial site. 

"I wouldn't like to have no rock crushing plant or no noisy making. This is just a residential area up here," Parker says.

The people who live nearby know their little corner of the country is going to grow. They see it everyday. But they want the growth to compliment, not distract from their lifestyle. 

"A rural community remaining a rural community. People who come up and buy five seven acre lots, they expect to have a horse or a pony. And they're getting here to get out of the city, not to bring it to us," Edwards says.

Edwards heads up the newly formed Concerned Citizens of Saucier. He says they'll do what they have to to save their way of life. 

"Yeah, you could say we're fighting city hall. When community leaders no longer listen to their constituents, what do you do? The only thing you can do is speak out."

Supervisor Larry Benefield represents part of the area. He says the county development commission determined in an evaluation that the Saucier property is close to rail access and highways. It's unincorporated and is affordable for the county to buy. 

The supervisors are expected to hear from the citizens on October 30.

by Marcia Hill

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