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Ocean Springs Cruisers Party Downtown

The cruisers rolled into downtown and parked along the main drag to show off their shiny rides.

"Enjoy the cars and the people and also enjoy coming over and seeing our Mississippi relatives. We're from Texas," said Paul Entrekin, standing  next to his '67 Chevy truck with wife B.J.

A storm named Rita slammed into their home near Port Aurthur, Texas. It blew in the garage door and dented their prize pickup. But that didn't stop the couple from the cruising and something else.

"Shopping," said his wife, who spent the morning visiting the quaint stores in downtown Ocean Springs.

"The downtown area, the fact that they let just the classics and antiques in. I walk and look at the cars and my wife just hits the little shops," said the husband.

Cruisers it seems, help one another with the occasional breakdown. We found a conference under the hood.

"We didn't feed the squirrels right this morning," joked the car owner, as he handed the group a wrench set.

One of the shiny black Chevelles belongs to Barbara Cherry from Tennessee. She stayed busy with a camcorder.

"It's for our family at home in Tennessee," she said between shots.

She watched most of the parade of classics through a camera lens.

"They didn't have the opportunity to come to cruising the coast this year. So, I take the pictures and carry it back to them," she added.

In the heart of downtown, a fan favorite emerged. Linda Boudreaux's "true blue" Studebaker.

"My husband said, 'Why do you want a Studebaker? Of all cars.' I said, 'That's all I want.'"

The bright blue beauty was the 13th Studebaker they considered. And it looked much different than it does today.

"But it was really ugly when we got it. It was very ugly. But now it's just gorgeous. It's really gorgeous," she said proudly.

"I love it. I really do. And I love coming to Cruisin' the Coast. I'm so glad they're on their way back," said a smiling Boudreaux.

By Steve Phillips

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