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Bay St. Louis Couple Loses Home, Heads North

Go North. That's seems to be the trend these days for many Coast businesses, government agencies and homeowners. Since Katrina, many people say increased insurance rates, higher elevation requirements and not to mention the threat of losing everything again, have them leery about building back near the coastline.

Once Linda and David Diket move into their new house in northern Hancock County, they'll officially give up their status as Bay St. Louis residents. Theirs was among the more than 150 homes in Jourdan River Estates wiped out by Katrina.

"Most of us that were actually living there - and it wasn't a second home for us, but our home - are thinking twice," said Linda Diket. "Losing everything like we did, I don't think I could take it again. So this is why I feel like I've got to move north. "

The Dikets say while Jourdan River Estates is still waiting for water and sewer, their new neighborhood off Fenton-Dedeaux Road has hit a growth spurt. Their subdivision will include about nine houses and another housing development is going up nearby.

Linda Diket said, "Those houses are really going up. Big houses. Very nice houses. He [the developer] says they're going to have about 50 homes in that area and it's just about, not even a half a mile up from us, right off of Fenton Dedeaux Road. And I think the area is really growing."

While the Dikets look forward to so many new neighbors, they'll be glad to see a familiar face. Brenda Adler also lost her home in Jourdan River Estates and decided to head north. She now lives around the corner from where the Dikets are building.

"We've been in our house since May and right now it kind of feels like a house. We're waiting for it to feel like a home," said Adler. "Once our friends Linda and David Diket finish building and move in, it's going to be home."

The families say even though they chose to make home somewhere else in the county, doesn't mean their hearts aren't still in Bay St. Louis.

by Danielle Thomas

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