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Storm-Damaged Pass High To Open Next Week

Portable classrooms and Porto-potties have become a part of life for Pass High teachers and students. That's why everyone is eagerly counting down to next Wednesday, when they can leave behind their temporary campus in Delisle, and return to their beloved school.

Moving day has never been so exciting for Algebra teacher Denise Costello.

"I'll be happy to leave," said Costello. "But truly, we've had a good year here. I mean, I appreciate what we have here. We had a good place to have school, but it will be so much nicer back in a real school. Just the news that we could start back over in our real school, it picked everybody up. I know I did. I was ready to get it packed and going."

Over at the high school, boxes are stacking up, ready to be unpacked and distributed to the classrooms. And in just about every corner, construction crews are busy, trying to get the flooded building back in shape, in time for the first day of class.

"We have a lot of work to do, but we're getting it done," said Support Services Director Ronnie Storey. "Everyone is anxious. We need the space. We've been crowded on the Delisle site for a year, and the kids are ready to be back home. And we want them home."

The entire building won't be completely repaired by the time students walk on to campus. Eight classrooms in the new wing still look quite a mess, and the band hall, choir room and locker area still need a lot of work. But the goal is to have as much of the building open as possible.

Denise Costello knows moving back to Pass High will be an emotional time, especially for the students.

"Going back over there, we're back to normal," said Costello. "We'll be back on our own two feet, and get things done, so we're excited."

The renovations at Pass High School cost about $3.6 million. Once the Pass High students move out of their portable classrooms, the fourth and fifth graders at Delisle and Pass Elementary Schools, as well as some middle school students, will move in.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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