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New Long Beach B&B Ignores The City's Hurricane Devastation

When Gina Miller walks up 15 newly built steps, she sees two uplifting images.

"My kitchen and hope," she said. "A lot of hope."

That hope is evident in each of the 14 rooms the Millers recently decorated. After cleaning up 51 inches of hurricane flood waters, the couple decided to turn a personal care facility that had no more clients into a bed and breakfast.

"I am proud," Mrs. Miller said. "My husband and I did most of the work. So yes, I'm proud."

The bed and breakfast idea actually came from Dan Miller.

"This area is coming back," Mr. Miller said. "It may take some time, but it's going to come back."

The Millers figured taking a chance in hurricane ravaged Long Beach was better than moving to Indiana.

"There's going to be a market out there that we'll eventually find the right mix of to make this business work," Mr. Miller said.

The Millers realize they face a huge obstacle. All they have to do is look across Church Avenue. Their Long Beach Lodge is surrounded by acres of land that was torn apart by Hurricane Katrina.

The Millers aren't afraid to look out their kitchen window and stare at the mess. You see, beyond that mess is the glistening gulf. And seeing that image out their window has provided this family, its bed and breakfast, and this community a ray of hope.

"I see a neighborhood that used to be there that isn't anymore," Dan Miller said. "But I see the potential for the regrowth, the restructuring of a new neighborhood, of a new Long Beach."

And the Millers are thrilled their bed and breakfast is part of that restructuring.

"I think it's going to work. I don't think I'd work this hard if it wouldn't," Mrs. Miller said.

by Brad Kessie

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