Bay St. Louis Bike Path Near Completion

Denise Monti makes her journey to work down Dunbar Avenue each morning. She says with the new pedestrian walkway and bike path in place, her trek is a much more enjoyable experience.

"For one thing, it's comfortable, and you're not wondering if you're going to trip on anything."

Monti says before the pathway was installed, she battled tree roots, dust, and cars.

"I think it's a lot safer. I think it's a lot more convenient and a lot more roomy because everybody's not on the same side of the road running into each other, and it's really good for the school kids. They ride their bikes and walk home."

The Dunbar Street project is in its final stages. Work crews still have more signs to put up, as well as more pathway striping to do.

The three-mile bike path project along Beach Boulevard is nearing completion as well. Officials say there's only about 800 feet of the project left to do.

"We should be finishing up at the end of this week around Saturday or the first part of next week as far as the heavy equipment and concrete work," Job Superintendent Scott Platt.

The beach pathway, which runs from Waveland to Bay St. Louis, will also get signs and striping.

"Five foot from the inside of the inside edge of the side walk, they'll have a white line painted in there that's for the bike path. It will say bikes and a picture of a bike on it, and the rest of it will be for walking. It will be nine feet for walking area and five feet for bike path."

The people who have already started using the pathways say their tax dollars were put to good use. The majority of the funding for the 1.3 million dollar project came from a State and Federal grant, with city and county leaders only footing the bill for 20 percent of the work.

By Al Showers

Online Producer Glenn Cummins