"I Love Lucy" Exhibit Stops At Grand Casino Biloxi

Every Monday night from 1951 through 1957, millions of Americans tuned into "I Love Lucy." Now, one of the most popular shows in history is celebrating it's 50th anniversary.

To commemorate the anniversary, you can go behind the scenes of a traveling exhibit called the "I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Experience" at Grand Casino in Biloxi. Why does the show continue to entertain a half century after it's debut?

"It's just good, funny comedy; it's antics that make people laugh," tour producer Lisa Davis said. "Lucille Ball was really brilliant at that, and that sort of comedy really withstands the test of time."

The exhibit features authentic costumes, props, rare photographs and other memorabilia. Lucille Ball was on the first cover of TV Guide in 1953. She won two Emmy awards for "I Love Lucy."

You can take a trip back in time to visit the Ricardos New York apartment first-hand. The exhibit showcases several sets from the show. There's the famed Tropicana Nightclub where Ricky Ricardo performed, and the Beverly Palms Hotel where Lucy and Ricky stayed while in Hollywood.

There were 179 episodes of "I Love Lucy" over six seasons. Some famous episodes are featured in interactive games. I tried wrapping chocolates on a high speed conveyer belt as lust did on one of the shows. You can love Lucy all over again at Grand Casino in Biloxi.

Online Producer Glenn Cummins