DMR Releases A New Map Of The Coast

The DMR distributed its new development map at a morning meeting. Yellow spots on the map are areas with wetlands issues. Red spots highlight properties that would be for developers to obtain permits.

The DMR's Comprehensive Resource Management Plan committee released the maps on a CD-ROM.

Tina Shumate is the director of the program. "It's not regulatory," she said. "It won't tell you what you can and can't do. It will only show you what problem areas you might have. It can save a developer money is what it can do. And save some time."

Before the maps were handed out, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representative Dr. Susan Rees spoke to the DMR committee. She updated delegates on a coastal environmental impact statement that's being put together.

"I don't see it stopping development," Dr. Rees said. " I see maybe it making development happen in a smarter way."

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will use the information from the new map as the basis of its Coastal EIS. The EIS will be a guideline to evaluate whether casinos, subdivisions and other projects should get environmental permits. The EIS should be done next year.