Keesler Reservists Deployed For Homeland Security

Air Force reservists from the 403rd at Keesler have been called out to support homeland defense.

The 45 reservists are part of a security forces squadron. Some will be working security at Keesler while others left Wednesday morning for an undisclosed military base somewhere else in America.

The reservists are ready to do their part for Operation Enduring Freedom. Their deployment involves America's stepped up security around all military bases. As part of that security, we've been asked to use only first names in our interviews.

Danny is the squadron commander.

"Our mission is going to involve some of our security forces unit staying here at Keesler. The rest of us will be deploying to a state side base. At that time, we'll be providing security, resource protection and perimeter defense for the b

Several of the reservists are temporarily leaving their full time jobs in law enforcement The Biloxi Police Department is losing three investigators and two patrol officers to military duty.

Police department bosses fully support the reserve deployment.

"One hundred ten percent. We always have been. We lost nine to Desert Storm and we just had to kind of shuffle some people around. But we support the military and the services," said Rodney McGilvary of the Biloxi Police D

Although they'll remain in America, separation from loved ones is still difficult. Robert is among the reservists called to duty.

"You know, it's my duty. And I'm in full support of all the military actions that are taking place. You know, I'm just happy to se

The commander says his troops are ready.

"This is what we train for. Yes, it was sudden, but then again we come out here one weekend a month and we train for this and we're ready to do

They're ready to put their civilian jobs on hold and say so long to family and friends, after getting the call to serve their country.