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Repairs Underway At Hope VI Development

Late January or early February. That's when the Biloxi Housing Authority expects it will start to move families back into a major affordable housing development.

Crews have started making repairs to the 106 Hope VI units located south of Bayou August.

The homes had to be gutted after Hurricane Katrina flooded the area. Workers are replacing windows, plumbing and electrical, as well as making other storm repairs.

Officials with the Biloxi Housing Authority say they get calls everyday from people desperate for housing. They believe the return of Hope VI will certainly benefit the entire neighborhood.

"What this means for the neighborhood is I guess is kind of like a shot of B-12 if you will. It ought to be a real catalyst to everything around. Not just what we're doing but it ought to be a real spark to redevelopment in the area," said Lee Nethery, Biloxi Housing Authority's Deputy Director.

The Biloxi Housing Authority says as Hope VI units become available for rent, preference will be given to families who lived there before Hurricane Katrina.

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