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Changes Coming To Edgewater Mall

The Hallmark Shop is the latest store to reopen in Edgewater Mall, in the spot it filled before the hurricane. But the future isn't so certain for other familiar stops like Express and other empty spots. The mall's marketing director says they always hear a wish list from customers. 

"Why don't we have a Chicos? Why don't we have a White House Black Market? And the answer is simply,  as much as we want those tenants, as much as our shoppers do, those are very sought after tenants," says Michelle Rogers.

Rogers says before a store commits to an area, it looks at the population and household incomes to determine if it will be profitable to do business. 

"Unfortunately it's not that the shopping center gets to pick the tenant. It's more that the tenant gets to pick the shopping center."

Another question the mall management constantly hears is when is Dillards coming back. As one of the anchor stores, it's also one of the most popular. Rogers says don't write Dillards off. 

"Dillards is returning. We're having a meeting this week here on the Edgewater Mall property with our ownership, our management company, and with Dillards to hammer out details, including hopefully when construction will start. I think it's safe to say next year Dillards should be open."

Store manager Stacey Saucier says more choices will bring more customers to shop. 

"I would love to see more business come to the mall. Traffic is down. I don't see as many customers as I used to. It's great to have a little competition here. Just customers would be great."

by Marcia Hill

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