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People Gather For Pro Life Demonstration In Biloxi

For Pro Life groups this is a day to make a statement.  

"This is respect life Sunday for all Christian churches, not just Catholic churches, that recognize that Abortion kills," says Biloxi Pro Life Chairman Don Cox.  

"For this small group from the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi, that means respect for all life.  

"We also support laws against euthanasia and even capital murder," says Cox. "Capital murder is wrong. We don't have the right to take a man's life."

On this day, they and others around the country form a Life Chain, holding signs stating their stance, and praying all those witnessing their demonstration will take to heart their belief.  

"You can take a radical approach or you can take the positive approach and work with people," says Cox. "Not just try to ram it down their throat."

That, says Norm Cyr, is the approach that's too often missing from this often highly divisive debate.  

"It's a good chance to get people to think about it, because that's what has to happen," says Cyr. "You have to think about it first, thank you, before change becomes a reality. So many of us are so busy in life we overlook things that are happening so it's good to know what's going on kind of remind you from time to time yeah it's still an issue. Yeah, you have to consider it."

And Rosina Lepre considers it her duty to stand up for all life, not just on this day, but every day.  

"It's to take a stand for what I believe in," Rosina Lepre. "And I do believe in life and everything that we can do to sustain it is what I believe in."  

by Don Culpepper

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