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Moss Point Market Sheds New Light on Fresh Produce

    Many people use Saturday mornings as a time to grocery shop, and in the past, folks in Moss Point haven't had a place to go for produce on the weekends.

  But Saturday a new got underway in downtown Moss Point, filled with fresh food and fun times.

"We was way over that way and we was fishing. We heard the music, and it drew us over here," Ocean Springs resident Peal Mitchell said.    

  Pearl Mitchell and her friends from the Ocean Springs Nursing home weren't the only ones lured by the sound of local musicians and the sweet smell of baked goods.    

"I want some eggplant and zucchini and I need his billfold," one customer said.     

 From arts and crafts to flowers, good food to great music, the new Moss Point Farmer's Market has a little bit of everything.          

"They have such nice things, and the art, the art is fantastic. These cats are beautiful. And over here, this man does beautiful work," Mitchell said.     

"I specifically came to pick up some ferns this morning, and maybe some chrysanthemums. My daughter has a new house and I'm going to help her get into it and enjoy the flowers," Moss Point resident Jean McCool said.     

Whether it's for cantaloupe or a piece of art, folks here are just glad to have something to do on a Saturday morning.

  As Kim Baker says, this is one more step to recovery after Katrina, and a chance for Moss Point to come together.   

"Everybody has been so crushed by Katrina. I'd like for us to get beyond Katrina. I see the camaraderie as folks are visiting and talking," vendor Kim Baker said.       

While this event is a first for Moss Point, residents hope that it can become a weekend routine.     

"Saturday morning is always a good time to come and see your friends, especially those who you know are going to be putting some plants out in the garden or doing some cooking over the weekend," McCool said.     

 Pearl Mitchell sees these festivities as a chance to reflect and to give thanks.     

 "The whole coast was upset a year ago. For something like this, it brings it back into perspective. It's fantastic. It's like everybody is back home. Everybody is putting it back together. It's wonderful," Mitchell said.  

In the coming weeks, organizers expect shrimp boats to pull right up to the harbor with their fresh catch, an added twist not found at similar events! 

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or checking out the Moss Point Market, it is held every Saturday from 8-12 at the downtown Riverfront.   

by: Keli Rabon

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