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Jackson County Children's Shelter Gets New Playground

A Jackson County children's shelter playground received an "extreme makeover" on Friday.

Volunteers spent the day piecing together loads of brand new equipment at the Crane Memorial Youth Center. Some volunteers selected bright colors to paint a large wooden playhouse, while others put together a huge plastic playhouse.

Groups like Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCorp, and the Jackson County Children's Coalition lent a hand in the construction. Also hard at work were members of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, like Chief Investigator James Sears.

"The youth that come to this center, they've been through so much anyway that a little bit of brightness and cheerfulness and fun in their life is well worth while us giving some time to put this together for them," Sears said.

The shelter provides refuge to children of all ages to protect them from abuse or neglect. To learn how you can donate time or money to the shelter, contact Shelter Director Marilyn Montgomery at (228) 762-7350.

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