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Gulfport Woman & Toddler Infant Need Help After Fire Destroys Their Home

Jill Peterson has only been back home in South Mississippi for about half a year.  

"I had actually been staying with my grandfather in Tennessee for a couple of years because he's an older man," says Peterson. "I was just making sure he was doing okay and stuff and I had just come back to Mississippi and I bought this trailer."

But in a matter of minutes, her efforts to build a life for her and her one-year-old baby suffered a complete setback.  

"I had just walked next door to my step-dad's house for a real quick 20 minutes. My whole house burned all the way up in 20 minutes."

She's thankful her son Triston wasn't with her.  

"He is in Tennessee visiting my Grandfather thank goodness with my mom."

Now she sifts through the ashes of what was going to be there new home.  

"I think it's gonna make it," she says of a space heater she salvages.

"But this day brings even more sorrow for a family member who didn't make it.  

"She found her cat," says her sister Natalie Bourque

Jill is rightfully devastated by the discovery of the body of her pet cat just feet from the front door. Her sister Natalie does all she can to comfort her sister who she says has endured far more than her fair share of hard times.  

"She took the money she had when she came down here, and bought this and her septic tank," says Natalie. "She was just getting settled, and got a job and her car broke down and got laid off until she can get her car fixed. So it's kind of been one bad thing after another."

For now she's staying with Natalie and her family, and keeping faith that her hard times will one day be over.  

I mean I'm okay," says Peterson. "I believe in the Lord and I know that he takes care of me. It's just sad but it's going to be okay.

Jill and her one-year-old are asking for help with clothing and auto repair. If you can help, you are asked to call her and her sister Natalie at (228) 831-3182.

by Don Culpepper

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