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Chamber Bucks Aimed at Helping Jackson County Businesses

"I am a Jackson countian. I put my roots here, this is where I am from, and this is where I will be," says business owner Etta Saxton.

Saxton opened her business in her beloved hometown 36 years ago.

Since then, Flower Patch and Sweet Tooth Bakery has provided shoppers with just about anything they need from holiday ornaments, to cakes, even flowers arrangements.

"Shopping here is quite a different experience, because we know what people in this area need of and want," says Saxton.

That committed service and small business charm is what the Chamber of Commerce Director Carla Todd is promoting through a new Chamber Bucks program.

"Say if you decide you wanted to purchase a gift for a family member, you would go to Chamber of Commerce and get a Chamber Buck," says Todd.

"Basically you would tell us who the Chamber Buck was for, we write the Chamber Buck out in that persons name, and give you a brochure of all the participating business who are engaged in the program as well. "

By purchasing these bucks, Todd says it will keep dollars in the county and help business affected by Katrina get back on their feet.

"We need support of our community more now than ever we had," says Todd.

In the past year, a lot of our business owners were struggling to get back in business, and in next three months is their opportunity to make it worth their time, effort, and money.

And the hope is the chamber buck program will do just that for local businesses.

The Chamber Bucks will be available at the Chamber of Commerce in Pascagoula starting October 1st.

By Patrice Clark

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