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Ornate Plaster Work Part Of Blue Rose Restoration

One of Pass Christian's historic homes is getting a special creative touch from some ornamental plaster experts.

Owners of the Blue Rose are busy restoring the 1848 home, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The restoration work includes some artistic plaster work.

Ornamental fixtures that were blown to pieces by the storm, are being pieced back together.

The experts doing the restoration work are using the same old fashioned techniques that were used to create the pieces more than 150 years ago.

"That's not something you can just mold in place. You have to hand pour all these and actually carve the backs of them out. So, we're doing it the way they did 160 years ago, as close as we know," said Steve Maupin, owner of Plaster Ideas.

The plaster experts from Tennessee are finding plenty of specialty work on the post-Katrina Mississippi coast. They're restoring everything from intricate light fixtures to ornate fireplace mantles.

"We're actually saving a lot of pieces where people could not salvage their homes, but they want to have the original pieces in their new homes. So we are saving the old fireplace mantles, we're doing those," he said.

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