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Repairs To Start On Biloxi Condo

Condos are popping up all over the coast. Now dozens of people who lived in a Biloxi condo before Katrina are ready to take a major step toward moving back into their homes at the Pelican Cay.

"This is all I know. This is home," said Juan Hebert, holding a picture of what his home used to look like before Hurricane Katrina.  

In a matter of hours, the only home Juan Hebert has known for the past 21 years went from a beautiful beach front condo to a washed out shell.

"I had a front yard," said Hebert. "I felt more like I was in a home than in a building."

The heartbreak of seeing no progress at Pelican Cay for more than a year has been especially hard on Hebert. He not only lived here, he's also the manager, which means constant questions from condo owners wondering when they can move back.

"I feel bad because I have to tell them the truth, and the truth is we haven't gotten insurance money so we can't start reconstruction."

Hebert says Pelican Cay has received only about half of the $6 million it's seeking in insurance. That money is enough to get the repairs started, but residents won't be enjoying a beach front view any time soon.

"Eight months to a year before they can move back into the condos," said Hebert. "The first phase is going to be the plumbing and electrical and air compressors on the roof and that type of work."

While Hebert lost many of his prized possessions in the hurricane, he is comforted that Katrina didn't cost Pelican Cay any of its residents.

"We have 44 homeowners. There are 44 units here and all of them want to come back," he said.

Pelican Cay was built back in 1984.

by Danielle Thomas

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