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TSA Officials Explain New Rules For Carry-On Bags

Airport passengers can carry small toiletries onto planes again. Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration amended its rules regarding carry-ons.

Passengers can pack small tubes of toothpaste, shampoo and gels in their carry-on bags. But, the liquids must be less than three ounces. And they have to be packed in a quart-sized ziplocked bag.

To help explain what's allowed and not allowed in a carry-on bag, the TSA at Gulfport's airport set up a pre-screening desk at the front of its security line.

"Our hope is that for the passengers that they feel like they can bring things with them and be able to do an overnight stay and not have to check their luggage," TSA Representative Greg Dion said.

The TSA implemented one other change Tuesday. It decided drinks purchased once you get past a security checkpoint can be carried onto planes again.

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