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Bay Bridge On Schedule

Work is going on around the clock at the new bridge between Henderson Point and Bay St. Louis.

The project is enormous. More than a dozen contractors and hundreds of workers are involved. That's why it's easy to understand the biggest challenge with this bridge building.

"I would say communications. There's so many people doing so many different things. So, it's a real struggle to stay in contact with everybody about everything that's going on at one time," said engineer David Seyfarth.

Bridge builders reached a transition phase in recent days. With most of the pilings set, the horizontal beams began arriving.

"We started setting beams last week. And that's kind of a milestone for us. Because we're kind of moving into a different phase of construction. So, it'll take on a whole different look now that we've started that," said Seyfarth.

Drivers who will rely on this bridge over the bay should be pleased with this news. So far, it's on schedule.

"And the project should be complete with two lanes going across the bay by May 16th of '07. And we should have the bridge complete by November 30th of 2007," the engineer said.

Along with MDOT overseeing construction of the new bay bridge, the department's maintenance crew has had a hands on role in preparing another piece of the transportation puzzle. Crew members have been busy doing the preliminary work for the new ferry service between Henderson Point and Bay St. Louis.

M-DOT workers have been on the job from dawn until dusk, building a new road to the ferry landing.

Henderson Rettig is a foreman on the maintenance crew.

"We built it up with rocks. Built it up with about four to five feet of rocks above the sand. And we're coming over it with a crushed rock surface to give a good riding service," he explained.

The ferry service is set to begin November first. It will provide free trips across the bay until mid-May when the nearby Bay Bridge is ready for traffic.

The cost of the new bay bridge is $266 million. Tuesday, WLOX News will have a progress report on the new Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge project.

By Steve Phillips

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