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Gautier Man Builds A 900 Foot Train Track Around His Home

Huge railroad crossing signs sit in front of Edwin Berry's Hickory Hills Home.

Unlike many of the houses in the area, Berry's home stands out. And not just because of the signs, but also the train and tracks that circle around his place.

"It has five bridges and one draw bridge. It goes through the woods, it goes through a culvert," says train enthusiast Edwin Berry. "A lot of people stop by and look at it."

While having your own personal locomotive trail might sound odd to some people, this retired ship builder says he's loved trains ever since he was a child. Berry says he wanted to showcase his love for everyone to see.

"My dad had a lot of trains when I was a little kid. And trains are something that keep you busy, something that keeps your mind occupied."

Taking his passion a step further, Berry has turned his garage into a caboose shop. It's where he keeps his collectibles and builds all types of miniature trains.

"We are building steam locomotives, and we build the boilers and the tenders that go on back," says Berry. "We do all the machine work and welding right here in the shop."

"We probably spent up to 60 thousand on everything," says Berry. 

But the money doesn't bother Berry or his wife Callie, who lends her time to give neighborhood kids a ride on the train.

"He loves it, more than he does me, and the kids love it, and some of the grown-ups," says wife Callie Berry.

That includes father and son Paul and Andrew Tanner, who are both happy to have Mr. Berry and his makeshift train station across the street. 

"My friends like to ride it. And it's fast, and it is fun," says neighbor Andrew Tanner.

"It is free of charge," says Neighbor Paul Tanner.

Besides collecting and building trains, Edwin Berry is a radio operator and is also learning how to fly planes.

By Patrice Clark

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