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Organizations Join Forces To Rebuild Elderly Woman's Home

Hurricane Katrina dumped 4 feet of water into Olivia Kemps home and took everything she owned. But when it comes to tenacity she more than met her match.  

"I said I was 83 years old," says Kemp. "I wasn't going to let Katrina kill me from worrying about it."

Volunteers from Samaritans Purse found Kemps faith inspiring.  

"With 4 feet of water and everything that came in, it needed to just be completely cleaned out," says Samaritans Purse volunteer Les Loman. "And so that was what we were able to do for her."

But they didn't know what else they would be able to do for her until, another faith based organization called Hope Force International stepped in.  

"We called it the miracle house," says Hope Force Team Leader Craig Snow. "Because many times, we thought how are we going to get this done, and a provision would come."

Working with mostly unskilled and at times mostly teenage labor, they went to work with materials provided by Samaritans Purse and somehow rebuilt Miss Kemps miracle home.

"When we started it and finished it only 4 weeks lapsed," says Snow. "And we have never completed a home in that short a period of time."  

Just a few touch ups like installing some appliances and furnishing remain. But even bare walls look better than a the travel trailer she's lived for the past year.  

"It sure serves a purpose but I'm tired of it," says Kemp. 

As a mother of 14 she's most proud of her new kitchen.  

"This is my joy, my pride and joy," she says.

And she's proud of the two faith based organizations that found each other and found a way to bring her back home.  

"They're just God sent people."

by Don Culpepper

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