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Stennis Launches Day Camps

Stennis Space Center has launched the first of a series of day camps where students and their parents can learn about science and technology.

Saturday's camp called "Astro Camp Goes to the Science Fair" was to help children from kindergarten to six grade be able to discover innovative ideas for their next science fair project.

Among the possibilities was a new spin off of the popular erupting volcano. The camp has parents work along side their children.The staff hopes to teach the adults about the scientific method and the importance of helping kids but not doing the assignment for them.

Director of Astro Camp, Maria Lott says, "Part of the project with the parents being involved in the science fair project is making the parents understand that it is the child's project. The child does the project, and the parent does the support. The parent becomes excited with the child and as they're going through the process it grows."

Shaheen Rahman of Mandeville came with her 9-year-old daughter Zara.

"I guess we did things differently when I was in school," says Rahman. "There's a lot more information out there now. It's great to be able to learn about all the different resources that are out there."

Stennis Space Center has set aside several more Saturdays to hold Astro camps before the end of the year.

For more information call 1-800-237-1821.

By Danielle Thomas

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